Who wants to eat their favorite pancakes or waffles without syrup? The answer is a simple one, not many.

American's love pancake syrup, in fact they love it so much, that they spend over $500 million dollars a year on the stuff and that's just the dollar amount sold in supermarkets.

While maple syrup is a favorite, you can get pancake syrup in many different flavors to suit any palate.

Chocolate syrup is a favorite for many to put on their ice cream. Your favorite sundae is dull without some luscious chocolate syrup on top. Hot fudge, caramel, strawberry syrup, ummmmmm what a tasty treat.

When we are sick, many of us turn to cough syrup to help soothe that bothersome cough. The trend nowadays is to look for natural cough syrups, which use less chemical ingredients.

A dry cough, hacking cough, cough at night or persistent coughing are not the same thing. Their are many different kinds of cough syrups, we can help you choose the right one for your family. Some coughs require different types of cough remedies.

Looking to sweeten up drinks like coffee and tea in a healthy way. Try all natural liquid sweeteners like agave and stevia. We really like the liquid stevia (skinny girl brand) that is sold at Target stores. It is sweeter than sugar, has a slightly fruity taste to it and has zero calories.

Syrup, syrup, syrup! Our website has information and reviews for all different types of syrup.

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